Coming July 21st – July 28th

Happy Saturday,

I hope you have a great weekend planned. This week we’re kicking off with a full week’s blogging.

Last week was the UK GBLT Fiction Meet. It was a chance for readers, reviewers, publishers and authors to come together to share in our love for GBLT fiction. The committee deserve a big congratulations for bringing the meet together.  I’ll post delegates’ reactions to the weekend over the next couple of weeks but here is a picture of the swag from Josephine Myles, to kick us off.


Sunday 21st, UK author Lisa Worrall will be giving her interview on the UK GBLT Meet last week.


Tuesday 23rd, a report on the effect and reactions to the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the UK parliament.


Thursday 25th we’re looking at July releases for UK authors. Send me information about your new books to Please include a jpeg of the cover and the buylinks.

Saturday 27th I’ll be posting reviews for published books. If you are a UK gay romance author or you have a book set in the UK, and you have a review you want to share, send it to me at

Sunday 28th. Sundays are for interviews. Watch this space!

Have fun this weekend.

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