Our First Giveaway

UKGayRomance and Dreamspinner Press kick off our first giveaway in honour of a subject dear to our heart, the legalisation of same sex marriage in England and Wales.


It’s summertime, why don’t you travel light this summer with a shiny, new Kindle Paperwhite to hold your favourite books.

Tell us your favourite gay romance book set in the UK in the comments here. Give us the title, author and why you love it. Each book rec = one entry for the Kindle.

Giveaway closes 23:59 (GMT), 24th July 2013.

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29 thoughts on “Our First Giveaway

  1. I loved The Isle of… Where? by Sue Brown. The book is filled with raw emotions from trying to find closure for a best friend’s death to romance with a stranger in a strange place.


  2. There are lots of books that are set here in the UK that I have really enjoyed, so it’s very hard to choose one, however I think I would go with Hard Tail by J L Merrow. I love the characters and the sweet story, and it is set very close to where I live which makes it interesting!

  3. Mine has got to be A Midwinter Prince by Harper Fox, I’ve loved the book from the first word to the last over and over. The characters are lovely, and well drawn. The sense of place is amazing and I can feel the emotions within the story. It really is (imo) almost perfect.

  4. ‘Scrap Metal’ by Harper Fox. She made me feel strongly for the characters, has a lovely language and it’s one of the few books I’ve read twice.

      • I’m so sorry Sue, this went into spam for God only knows what reason!! What am I a winner of?? And do you know, I honestly wasn’t aware that you are running this website, otherwise I would never have mentioned The Sky is Dead as one of my faves…that’s a complete lie of course, I gave it a huge shout out on Goodreads, and people seemed to like it.

  5. There are so many great books set in the UK. The first one which came to mind was The Hot Floor by Josephine Myles.

  6. My favorite book set in England is called A King’s Tale by Rowena Sudbury. At least I believe that it was England but maybe Wales. It was a wonderful gay romance story of the King following his heart with Daffyd and a great story in general. What made me remember it so much was that the king’s name was Christopher (my name) and in the book his partner got a dog and named it Dewi (my dog, an English Cocker Spaniel, is called Dewey)! These wonderful coincidences made this a memorable book.

  7. I’ve enjoyed a lot of stories that were set here; I can’t pick just one…’Barging In’ by Josephine Myles, ‘Pressure Head’ J L Merrow, ‘The Gallows Tree’ R J Scott, also ‘The White Knight’ by Josh Lanyon – I can’t remember how much of the story is in the UK (it’s been a little while since I read it), but I do remember that a lot of the story takes place in Cardiff and Wales (my inner Torchwood geek was happy!)

  8. I often think with great affection of ‘Muscling Through’, by J.L. Merrow.
    The characters are so warm, especially the scary-looking softie, Al.
    I love the fact he’s a blue-collar worker, that they live in Cambridge, and that Al looks after the punts!
    Wonderful, romantic, warm writing from one of my favourite UK authors.

  9. I love K.C. Wells Learning To Love: Evan & Daniel. Daniel struggles to build a true relationship with Evan & overcome his traumatic childhood. Evan is loving & understanding even before he finds out about Daniel’s past.

  10. I’m a big fan of Sue Brown so I’ll have to say The Isle of…Where? I thought it was sad and sweet and just my kind of book:)

  11. Also, I really loved “The British Devil” by Greg Hogben. I liked how real it was because it;s semi-autobiographical and I loved the how the MCs loved each other despite their differences and obstacles

  12. I loved A Country Mouse by Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov which was set in London. I think I identified with it so much because I have always wanted to visit London and would definitely feel like a country mouse while there!!
    I also loved the Fitzwarren Inheritance trilogy: The Psychics Tale by Chris Quinton, The Soldier’s Tale by RJ Scott, The Lord’ Tale by Sue Brown. Three fun stories to break an old curse.
    I also recommend Chris Quinton’s Starfall. It was the first story I read of hers and it stuck with me. I really liked it

  13. This is so difficult. I can’t really choose one. So, I’m just going to pick one of the many I love by Harper Fox, Jamie Merrow, Josephine Myles, and Alex Beecroft and plump for: The Salisbury Key by Harper Fox, which is set on Salisbury Plain and its environs.

  14. There are loads that I love but Shining in the Sun, by Alex Beecroft stands out as an all-time favorite. The book addresses class differences, pain and emotional maturation in a way that makes it a fascinating read.

  15. For me it would be a toss up between K.C Wells, An Unlocked Heart and Isle of…. Where? by Sue Brown.
    Loved both because of the emotion and main characters who were just brilliant. Both also had secondary characters who you could love (or hate) and ultimately added to the story.

  16. For me, it’s a toss up between An Unlocked Heart by KC Wells and The Sky is Dead by Sue Brown, although the Learning to Love series by KC Wells is really good as well, and of course, The Hot Floor by Jo Myles.

  17. Ooh crikey how do I choose *flicks through kindle* gosh I have so many! OK I’ll plump for Hairy Harry’s car seat by Sue Brown (I have a thing for sexy vets!) Screwing the System by Josephine Myles (still makes me swoon thinking of that couple – was that in High Wycombe?) Country Mouse by Aleks Voinov and Amy Lane and er can I say Special Forces by Voinov and Marq – well they did come to UK sometimes! Oh and ….OK I’ll shut up but I got some new books to hunt down! 😀

  18. Taking the Gardener by TJ Masters. I liked the contrast between the country village and London, and I also liked the bit of bondage and Dom/sub relationship in the story.

  19. I like a lot of titles that would fit, but picking one… I think I’d have to go with “Bless us with content” by Tinnean. It’s a little bit flawed but I really do like it.
    I liked how, even though I had reservations and complaints at first, I stopped thinking about them and became really drawn into the story. I liked how I was made to gradually reevalute some of the characters throughout the book. The fact that the beginning of the book made me think that the story would develop in one direction, only to surprise me a little when it veered off in a different one, was rather nice.
    It was, in short, a really nice read that let me not think about being in pain for a night (I’m ill rather a lot and reading can help if the book i engrossing) and for that I’ve remained really fond of this one.

    • After a few of the tips here, I read “The sky is dead” by Sue Brown last night (I’d bought it a few weeks ago but not had the time to read it.) and I may just have to change my answer to that one. It was really good.

  20. Muscling Through by J L Merrow is one of my favourite books. Just love the stories where the main characters have opposite personalities.

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