Coming July 27th to August 2nd

Happy Saturday!

We are promised rain and thunderstorms in the UK this weekend, breaking our heatwave. Rain and the summer holidays for the kids always arrive at the same time.

We’ve had an amazing week on the blog and some of this week’s content is based on the wonderful giveaway we had, where we asked you to tell us your favourite book based in the UK.

I’ll be doing a series of posts promoting those books as I discovered many that needed to be added to my TBR right now pile.

Saturday 27th – Your Favourite Books Part 1


Sunday 28th – an interview and giveaway with author, Garrett Leigh.


Monday 29th – Your Favourite Books Part 2

Tuesday 30th – Spotlight on Britain – this week K.C. Wells discusses where she sets her books. I have a certain fondness for her particular place, as you will discover.

Wednesday 31st – Giveaway based on the books promoted in July. Watch this space!

Thursday 1st August – What this book means to me – a new series starting off with me (Sue Brown) talking about my favourite book, Stolen Summer by S.A. Meade.

Friday – 2nd August – Reviews

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