Welcome to Lily G. Blunt

I met Lily for the first time at the UK Writer’s Meet and I’m thrilled she agreed to be interviewed for our blog.


Lily’s bio

Lily G. Blunt lives in sunny Northamptonshire with her husband and two twenty-something “children”. She taught primary-aged pupils for over twenty-five years before discovering the wonderful world of m/m fiction.She started writing slash fanfiction and stories in her spare time, and with the encouragement of her readers and friends, recently decided to publish some of her writing.

Internet links

• WordPress: http://lilygblunt.wordpress.com
• FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/LilyGBlunt
• FB Profile: http://www.facebook.com/lily.blunt.75
• Tumblr: http://lilygblunt.tumblr.com
• YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BoyonBoyLoving?feature=mhee

Please provide links for all your publishers/self-published work.

Lily G. Blunt at Amazon.co.uk

Lily G. Blunt at Amazon.com.

The first question I always ask people. How did you discover the MM/gay romance genre?

Believe it or not, I discovered M/M novels through Twilight fanfiction only three years ago! I progressed from the Bella and Edward stories, to Bella and Jasper, before I discovered Edward and Jasper, and from then on there was no turning back. I couldn’t get enough of these two hotties together. Friends and groups on Facebook recommended links to other published m/m works besides fanfiction. I haven’t read a het story in a long while.
As a teacher, I never set out to become an author. Although I often had story ideas whirling around my head, I never wrote them down. But after reading slash FF for a few months, I suddenly had an idea in the middle of the night, and wrote my first two chapters the following day. It was during my summer holiday and I remember thinking “Why am I wasting my time on this?” I posted on FanFiction.net and added some more chapters over the following months, which were het. I have since rewritten this story deleting the het scenes. I started Oxford Blues when I had a bout of insomnia. This story gained followers and introduced me to many friends in the Twilight fandom. Other stories followed, along with a wider readership and, after joining Facebook, I met up with many people and writers who encouraged and helped me along the way.

Several of my books are based in the UK, although one or two of the characters are from the US. Happy Anniversary, Jasper doesn’t have a set location, although I pictured the UK as I was writing. You Can’t Stop Loving Someone Just Like That is based in the UK. A Darker Shade of Oxford Blue is based in … Oxford, although the two main characters are American. My latest book, Boys on Film, is set in San Diego and the UK, although I don’t specify where. In my mind, I imagined my locality for several of the places and descriptive passages.


My latest novel, Boys on Film, is available now on Kindle and in paperback.
It tells the story of Stefan, a porn star who is confused about his sexuality, and Nate, an unpublished author of gay erotica.
Set in an opulent house in San Diego that also serves as a porn studio, the story follows Stefan as he falls in love with Nate, a budding author from England, and in the process comes out as gay. Despite working in a gay porn studio and having sex with his best buddy, Dan, on a regular basis, Stefan outwardly claims to be straight, although he enjoys the sex and substantial pay he earns from his gay videos. This changes when he meets Nate, who has been given the opportunity to observe the inner workings of Blue House Film Studios to add realism to his latest erotic novel.

I plan to complete three fanfiction works in progress that I put on hold while writing my latest novel. I’m also writing a story using Van Gogh’s paintings and Don Maclean’s Vincent as my inspiration.

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