Book of the Day: Personal Changes by K.C. Wells

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Rick Wentworth has had enough of one night stands and quickies in clubs. It takes a night of uncharacteristic hedonism to make Rick admit what he really wants – someone to love him. But for that to happen, he needs to make some changes. Rick can do that. After all, what’s the alternative? And when he meets a guy who ticks all his boxes, he can’t believe his luck. His boss Blake Davis, and Blake’s fiancé Will Parkinson, however, aren’t convinced. They want to know more about Mr. Perfect, and their instincts are keener than Rick’s. Both men want to protect him. As it turns out, they needn’t have worried. Rick has a guardian angel…

When Angelo Tarallo sees Rick for the first time, it’s a match made in Heaven, as far as he’s concerned. And when he rescues Rick from danger, it gives him the opportunity to get to know the man who has captivated him. Before long, it’s plain to both men that this could lead somewhere. But when Angelo’s traditional Sicilian family finally discover what he’s been hiding from them for so long, an ultimatum spells heartache for the lovers – and worse.


Excerpt from Personal Changes by K.C. Wells
Will smiled. “Don’t worry about us. We’ll sort it out, trust me.” He leveled an intense stare at Rick. “But what about you? Made any New Year’s resolutions?” He tilted his head. “And you know I’m talking about your love life here.” His expression softened. “We need to find you a guy, Rick. I’m going to make it my mission this year.” He gave a decisive nod.
Rick snorted. “Good luck with that.”
Will’s brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”
Rick let out a sigh and sipped his coffee. “I haven’t been as lucky as you and Blake in that department. I seem to have lousy taste in men.”
Will eyed him keenly. “Have you been looking? And if so, where have you been looking?”
Rick thought for a moment and then walked over to the door. He pushed it shut and leaned back against it. Will regarded him curiously.
“Look,” Rick began, lowering his voice, “the longest relationship I’ve had lasted three months. Men don’t seem to want to stick around me. So now I take what I can get.”
“What does that mean?” Will’s voice was suddenly as low as Rick’s.
Rick expelled his breath. “It means I go to a lot of clubs and I have a lot of casual sex, okay?” His eyes met Will’s. “That comment I made a while ago about being in toilet stalls with guys? I wasn’t kidding.” He lowered his gaze.
“Aw, Rick, I didn’t know that’s what you were doing.” Will stepped closer and gave Rick a brief but firm hug. Rick closed his eyes. It had been a while since anyone had hugged him. When he opened them again, Will moved back and gave him a stern look. “I don’t have to ask if you’re being safe, do I?”
Rick’s chest tightened. Will was a good friend. “No, you don’t. I may be a slut, but I’m not stupid.”
The crease between Will’s eyes deepened. “I don’t like it when you talk about yourself like that.”
Rick shrugged. “I’m just being honest, that’s all. I like sex, I’m not ashamed to admit that. And yes, every Friday and Saturday, you’ll probably find me in a club, chatting up some bloke before going home with him or taking him back to mine.” He met Will’s gaze. “But if I found someone who wanted to do the whole monogamous route, someone who wanted us to be serious about each other?” He smiled. “I’d be off the club scene so fast, you’d get whiplash watching me leave.” His heart felt heavy. “Right now, there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there who wants me like that, so until then, I’ll carry on being careful and always leaving my flat with a supply of condoms.”
Will looked sad as Rick opened the door to go to his office, ready to start work, coffee mug still in his hand.
“I’m going to keep checking on you, all right?” Will said earnestly.
Rick blew him a kiss. “You’re a sweet guy, Will, and Blake’s a very lucky man.” He paused in the doorway. “Thanks, mate. I’m glad we’re friends.”
“Always.” Will’s tone was serious. “And you can come talk to me anytime, you know that?” Rick nodded.
“Okay. Then get to work, lazybones.” His eyes sparkled with good humor.
Rick tugged his hair in a subservient gesture. “Yes, sir. Right away, sir.” He winked. “Got to keep in with the boss’s boyfriend, after all.” He ducked as Will picked up a tea towel and threw it at him, missing him by inches. Rick laughed and walked along the corridor to his office.
Time to get some work done. He had a host of advance review copies to send out to review sites, not to mention setting up time for authors to meet their readers on Trinity’s Facebook page. He could get some of it done before Blake’s morning team meeting. No rest for the wicked. And the way he was feeling right now? When Friday night got here, he intended being very wicked indeed.

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