Review: Saving Mr Fox by Meredith Russell


Saving Mr Fox by Meredith Russell


Review by Aurore Rose

How can you hope to find love if you cannot love yourself?

Eric Fox is an actor faced with his most difficult role yet—being himself. Seven years ago, on the way to his high school prom, an accident drove him from the arms of his young love, CJ. Eric ran away to LA, and CJ was left to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and broken life.

CJ is one of the most selfless characters I’ve come across in awhile. At first he sees Eric as nothing more a means to what he needs for his center. Thinking that having an actor around would give him publicity for the safe haven he built for kids, he agrees to let Eric volunteer there. As time goes by he sees how much Eric is broken and then it becomes important for him to be there for Eric, putting his own feelings aside. What he thought would be closure, ended up being much, much more.

Eric blames himself for what happens when they were teenagers, add to the guilt that he left the man he loved broken and alone when he fled. Wanting to numb his guilt and his heart, he starts to party too hard. He drowns his sorrows with alcohol. Forced to go into rehab or get away from it all and recuperate at his parent’s home, he doesn’t want to leave the house in case of running into CJ. He doesn’t know how well that meeting would go over. Guilt has kept him away for all of these years, he knows there is nothing left between him and the man he loved since he was a teenager.

This is a good read. You will definitely be pulling for these two.

I give this book 4 stars

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