New Release: The Gasman Cometh by T.J. Masters



The Gasman Cometh by T.J. Masters

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This is the first of a new monthly series of short stories with the collective title: Working Hard. Loving Harder.

Have you ever wondered about the endless possibilities for engagement and interaction with the great variety of workmen that we welcome into our homes in times of need? Whether it be true romance or just a moment of hot and horny fun, this series aims to explore all the options. These are chance encounters leading to amorous advances and hot sexual episodes. Often there is a kinky element to it but always there is the suggestion of something longer term developing between these chance players.

This first story tells the tale of Chris, a sexy young central heating engineer. Chris is sent to the home of the older and much more confident Colin to investigate a fault he has reported about his heating. Up to that point Chris’ life has not amounted to much. In fact with a catalogue of bad choices behind him and an oppressive family running him down at every turn Chris is feeling utterly miserable. Colin takes a shine to the lad and offers to help him turn his life around. Of course mistakes have to be punished, but who says that love cannot start with a sound spanking!

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