Review: A Good Feeling by S.A. Meade


A Good Feeling by S.A. Meade

Review by HP

4 stars

A Good Feeling, by S.A. Meade, is a sweet, relatively angst-free story about finding romance when you least expect it—which is how it always seems to happen in real life. Jamie and Connor meet a few months before Connor, a captain in the military, is set to be deployed back to Afghanistan—and yes, there are a few realistically tense/scary moments while he’s overseas, but there wasn’t the level of angst I was expecting, given Connor’s job (which I know is good news for a lot of readers who prefer sweet over angsty).

Prior to Connor’s departure, his and Jamie’s relationship builds slowly over the weeks as the men get to know one another. I loved the pacing and the gradual shift from Connor saying “we only have a few months, is that okay?” to him asking “will you wait for me?”  Of course Jamie will wait—but the waiting isn’t always easy. Watching the news through Jamie’s eyes as the conflict raged on in the Middle East was nerve-racking.

S.A. Meade has a real gift for evoking emotions in readers. It wasn’t just the situation, it was the way the story was told that makes want to go and read more.

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