Giveaway: Racing Across Frozen Tundra by L.Dean Pace-Frech

Love is like racing across frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come ~ Matt Groening

Maybe this quote just resonates with me because the Missouri-Kansas Border feels like we’re on the planet Hoth right now. The weather is just starting to break after two weeks of frigid temperatures.

Love and life are little bit like that. We clip along great speed, then bam!, some obstacle appears in our way. And we all know when it rains, it pours. It’s also true in my latest novel, Disappear With Me.

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In the novel, we see Leander meet his first love, find his true love, and dabble in forbidden love. Just when Leander’s life seems to be going well, he’s thrown an obstacle, either in love or in life.

But that’s what makes fiction interesting, right?

Here’s a bit more about Disappear With Me:

Love is greater than hope or faith, but can Reverend Leander Norris convince a jury that the love he shares with another man is natural?

In 1910, the United Kingdom was in turmoil. King Edward died after only nine years on the throne. The social class system that upheld British society for centuries was being chipped away by social, political, and economic unrest across the Commonwealth. Amidst this backdrop, Reverend Leander Norris is accused of sodomy. After discovering his own self-worth and unconditional love, Leander finds the courage to stand up for what he believes is right and pleads not guilty to the charges. Throughout the trial, Leander’s past is revealed, including the temptations that bring the accusations against him. By the end of the trail, Leander is once again reunited with a romantic interest from the past, but it may be too late to rekindle any love that might remain, given the circumstances of the era and Leander’s likely sentence.

For an excerpt, click here:

Is it possible for two Civil War veterans to find their place in the world on the Kansas Prairie?

My first novel, A Place to Call Their Own is available from Amazon US!





Love is greater than hope or faith, but can Reverend Leander Norris convince a jury that the love he shares with another man is natural? Available from Amazon US.







New bw headshot (1)With inspiration from historical tourism sites, the love of reading, and a desire to write a novel, L. Dean Pace-Frech started crafting his debut novel, A Place to Call Their Own, in 2008. After four years of writing and polishing the manuscript, he submitted it for publication and Musa Publishing offered him a contract in early 2013. Disappear With Me is his second novel.

Dean lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his partner, Thomas, and their two cats. They are involved in their church and enjoy watching movies, outdoor activities in the warmer weather and spending time together with friends and family. In addition to writing, Dean enjoys reading and patio gardening.

Prior to novels, Dean did some technical writing in his career. He plans to write a sequel to both A Place to Call Their Own and Disappear with Me.

Check out his author page on Amazon UK.

Then request an Authorgraph, an electronic inscription..

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