Congratulations to England & Wales celebrating marriage


UK Gay Romance sends its congratulations to everyone who can now marry their partners, a long and happy marriage to those who tied the knot last night and have a fabulous wedding to everyone having a ceremony today.

The Rainbow flag flies over Whitehall for the first time.

Chris Jepson’s amazing photo at G-A-Y Heaven.

Because we can’t forget the ladies.

Because we do.

From the BBC article Peter Tatchell (left) was chief witness at Peter McGraith and David Cabreza’s wedding in Islington

What a lovely couple! In Brighton, Andrew Wale and Neil Allard were among the first gay couples to get married after midnight

Says it all

Well done Ben & Jerry’s.

Because you’ve got to have kissing (in Camden).

Authors – we have got to get this day into our books.

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