RJ Scott Day: The Origins of Love Lane Books

One of the most prolific and successful gay romance authors is R.J. Scott. Today is her day on ukgayromance and I asked her to write a blog on why she set up Love Lane Books.


At the end of 2012 I found myself in the situation where I was getting back my rights to twenty or so books and suddenly I was self-publishing for real. I set myself up with a company name for accounts purposes and it was easy to come up with the name of the company.

When I was little I went to a school in a town in Essex and it was down a road called Love Lane Road. The school became known locally as Love Lane School, and that name has stuck with me even though I left the school at the age of ten.


The idea of there being a road to love is kind of apt for the kind of books I write as well, and so Love Lane Books was born.

So that is the name, what about the company itself? Love Lane books started out just as vehicle for my books but I then added my co-written books with Diane Adams and Meredith Russell when they too were released by the publishers. When Diane received back the rights to her Making of a Man series Love Lane offered to publish them, along with her new writing which has been super successful.

Diane is currently writing a book each quarter for Love Lane, and we are also publishing a new book from Meredith Russell. Chris Quinton and I are writing a new series which will be published through Love Lane, and plans are afoot where Amber Kell and I writing a series set around a Fire House in Atlanta.

Love Lane have Erika Orrick as our editor in chief, and have recently contracted three translators to undertake translations to French, Italian and Spanish. Our resident cover artist is the uber talented Meredith Russell who consistently creates stunning cover art.

Love Lane is certainly not looking to become a publisher like the big names, but a small corner where Love Lane can produce beautiful romantic fiction from friends is my space and I like sitting in it!

RJ’s hubby and I are Directors of the company and have recently decided to consider taking on new authors. At the moment it would be invitation only to existing authors, but we may have a call later this Spring that I am considering. So watch this space…

Heroes A Reason To Stay v1

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