K.C. Wells: Valentine teaser

Over the next week we are lucky to have gorgeous K.C. Wells teasing us with her Valentine’s story.

Strictly Personal jpg

Monday, 9th February, 2015…

Colin left his office and walked out of the building, zipping up his leather jacket. He still couldn’t believe how cold London was. Of course, the snow might’ve had something to do with it. He hoped it would be warmer by the weekend, and that Manchester wouldn’t be subjected to lots of that rain it was so famous for. Some of his plans would be spoiled if it was raining.
Blake had certainly found him a gem of a hotel. The suite was exquisite, butat £400 a night, it ought to be. At least that was one thing he could cross off his list.
His phone warbled. Colin glanced at the screen and gave an internal groan. Normally he loved hearing from Ed during the course of his day, but not when he was on a mission. “Hey, why aren’t you working?”
“Well, that’s charmin’, I must say.” He knew Ed wasn’t as pissed off as he was trying to sound. “Whatcha doin’? It doesn’t sound like you’re in the office.”
Colin sighed. Ed had hearing as acute as a shithouse rat. “I had to step out for a bit and deliver some designs,” he lied. “I’ve due there in a few minutes.”
“Oh, that’s okay, it was nothin’ important. I’ll catch ya later, yeah?”
“Thanks,” Colin said. He hated lying to Ed. “Talk soon.” He disconnected the call and round the corner, heading toward the shop.
Now to cross something else off his Valentine’s weekend list…

Stop by tomorrow to get another sneak peek into Colin’s plans for his surprise Valentine’s Day weekend!

The men from the Personal series are back!
Strictly Personal, out February.


m/m author at Dreamspinner Press
Website:        http://kcwellsworld.com
Blog:              http://kcwellsworld.blogspot.co.uk/


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