K.C. Wells: Valentine teaser

Strictly Personal jpg

Tuesday February 10th…

Colin: “So I want to take Ed somewhere a little different on Friday night. I mean, we’ll be going to Canal Street, ’cause he’s never been there, but I thought you might have some other ideas.” (chuckles) “You have been there, right?”
Blake: “Well, now you come to mention it, there’s this gay strip club where Will and I went. Great place. I even bought us a lapdance in one of their VIP boxes.”
Colin: “US? You both had a lapdance?”
Blake: (laughs) Oh, wow… that was a lot of fun. Yeah, you should definitely take Ed there.”
Colin: “Hmmm. He may never recover.”

Stop by tomorrow for another sneaky peek!
The men from the Personal series are back!
Strictly Personal, coming this February


m/m author at Dreamspinner Press
Website:        http://kcwellsworld.com
Blog:              http://kcwellsworld.blogspot.co.uk/

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