K.C. Wells: Valentine Teaser

Strictly Personal jpg


Thursday February 12th:

Colin was feeling distinctly nervous.
He knew why, of course. He wanted this weekend to be perfect.

Ed arrived home that evening, took off his biker jacket and flopped onto the couch. Colin came out of the kitchen, Ed’s mug of coffee already in his hand. He passed it to his lover and then bent over to kiss him. Ed hummed into the kiss, curling his hand around Colin’s nape. When they parted, Ed sighed heavily. “Sorry I’m so late. I ‘ad a few last minute issues turn up an’ me an’ Rick ‘ad to sort ’em out.” He took a long drink of his coffee and then sagged into the cushions. “I’m knackered.” He closed his eyes, nursing the mug in both hands.
Colin sat beside him. “Then isn’t it a good thing you’re not at work tomorrow?”
“Eh?” Ed opened one eye. “Whatcha talkin’ about?”
Colin grinned. “You have Friday off, because *you* are being taken away for a long weekend.”
That made him sit up sharply. “But I just saw Blake this mornin’ an’ he said–”
Colin chuckled. “That would be the same Blake who knows all about it? The same Blake who recommended the hotel where we’re staying?”
It was as if the stresses and strains of the day just melted away.
Ed smiled. “‘Ave I told ya recently that you’re a bloody marvelous man?”
Colin leaned forward. “No, but I’m sure you’ll get the chance to show me this weekend.” He winked. “Maybe more than once.”

Stop by tomorrow for another sneaky peek into Colin’s Valentine’s Day plans!
The men from the Personal series are back!
Strictly Personal, out February

m/m author at Dreamspinner Press
Website:        http://kcwellsworld.com
Blog:              http://kcwellsworld.blogspot.co.uk/


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