K.C. Wells: Valentine Teaser

Strictly Personal jpg


Friday the 13th…

“So when are ya gonna tell me where we’re goin’?” Ed asked for what had to be the tenth time. He gazed out of the taxi’s window.
“It’s a surprise.” Colin watched Ed’s expression. His lover was like a big kid sometimes.”All I’m going to tell you is, we have a train to catch.”
“So it’s in the UK, then.”
Yes,” Colin said patiently.
“Far enough away to need a train to get there.”
Colin chuckled. “Quit fishing. I am NOT going to tell you.”
Ed folded his arms. “Fine. Be like that.” It wasn’t long until he was grinning. “I think this is a great idea. I could just do with a weekend away.”
Colin knew that all too well.
“Are we goin’ somewhere quiet?”

Stop by tomorrow for more peeks into Ed and Colin’s Valentine’s Day Weekend!
The Men from the Personal series are back!
Strictly Personal, out February

m/m author at Dreamspinner Press
Website:        http://kcwellsworld.com
Blog:              http://kcwellsworld.blogspot.co.uk/

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