When Sam Wilkinson visits the doctor after experiencing breathlessness and dizzy spells, he receives the news that his weight is putting his health at risk. With instructions to choose healthier meals, and get some exercise, he makes efforts to change things for the better.

Sam joins his local gym, and discovers exercise isn’t as bad as he’d feared—especially when he meets gorgeous gym trainer, Luke Walker. Luke’s not only good to look at, but he’s friendly and helpful with it. When Luke smiles at him, Sam knows it’s just his job to be nice, but in his dreams it means something more.

Sam’s confidence is at an all-time low, with his ballooning weight, following a failed relationship, and he’s certain Luke would never look twice at him in reality. But when he discovers Luke has been hurt, too, by an uncaring ex, and has similar insecurities, Sam realizes there might be hope for him after all.

Available for free download at Smashwords and ARe – and for 99c at Amazon (author is pressing for price match)

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