Christmas Cheer: Finding Myles by Lisa Worrall

Today’s Christmas Cheer is Finding Myles by Lisa Worrall. Leave a comment here to enter the draw to win an ebook copy. The draw will be picked on 15th December at 9am, GMT.

Finding Myles by Lisa Worrall

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Blurb: A horrifying accident on their way to their wedding sends Ed and Myles’s life into a tailspin. Then Myles disappears, leaving Ed with instructions to move on and find someone else. But Ed has other ideas about what’s best for him and begins an arduous search to find his love.

Two days before Christmas, he finally has a concrete lead and his search is over. But can Ed convince Myles that the best thing for both of them is to be together?



The hospital parking lot was chaos, but Ed managed to squeeze his car into a tiny space. He also resisted the urge to give the finger to the guy in the Mercedes currently making assertions about Ed’s parentage. Ed turned off the engine and opened the door. Maybe if the guy had had a few less cheeseburgers for lunch, he would’ve been able to take advantage of the space, too. Although being skinny had been the bane of Ed’s life since he hit puberty, sometimes it wasn’t a bad thing. Not needing a lot of room to get out of the car in a confined space being a case in point. He effortlessly slid out of the vehicle and then pressed the button on the key-fob to activate the auto-locking.
Ed checked his watch as he strode toward the main building, and smiled. He’d made surprisingly good time considering the traffic, which was good, because Myles hated it when he was late. But punctuality had been a trait Myles possessed before the accident. It wasn’t one of the less endearing peccadilloes he’d developed in the three months since they’d been broad-sided by a drunk driver—on their wedding day.
His feet knew the route. They should, he’d been making it twice a day, every day since he’d been released from the hospital’s care a few days after the accident. He paused at the bank of elevators and pressed the call button, shifting his weight restlessly from one foot to the other while he waited. When the doors opened, he stepped inside and punched the number for the floor where Myles’s private room was located. His parents came from ‘old’ New York money and were more than happy to make sure everyone knew it. The doors closed slowly and a disembodied voice indicated they were going up. Ed sighed at the information, as he usually did, and leaned against the handrail running around the faux granite walls. He knew the voice was to assist people with special needs, but the monotone grated on his nerves. Whatever they were paying the speaker, it clearly wasn’t enough.
Ed hoped Myles’s spirits were as good today as when he’d visited yesterday. His mood swings had been of catastrophic proportions since the accident. The doctors had warned them that this may happen, but Ed had to admit seeing Myles behave so out of character had been difficult, to say the least. Myles was a gentle soul. It had been one of the things that had attracted Ed in the first place. Well, that and the shaggy mop of blond hair, mischievous blue eyes, and wide smile. Ed’s gut tightened. He only wished he could convince Myles that even now, when Ed looked at him, nothing had changed. His mind unwillingly led him to the accident. What he could remember anyway.
The day had started exactly how the best day of their lives should start, feeling as though they were floating along in a huge bubble of excitement. Ed, perpetual pessimist, had been waiting for something to go wrong—but Myles had talked him down off the ledge every time. He’d refused to allow anything, even Ed’s paranoia, to mar their day. Every time Ed had opened his mouth to voice a concern, Myles had simply stolen the words with a kiss and Ed’s racing heart had quieted once more.
Ed had wanted separate cars to begin with, but Myles had insisted they travel together to the hotel where the wedding was being held. He’d said he didn’t want there to be more than a breath between them that day. If they were starting out on life’s biggest journey together, then they should be exactly that—together. Ed had acquiesced rather quickly. How could he not after that declaration? In fact, if he recalled correctly, he’d jumped on Myles like a man possessed and proved you could actually suck a man’s brains out through his dick and leave him a confused, gibbering wreck.
The town car had only been a couple of streets from the wedding venue when they were hit. Their driver took the brunt of the impact and was killed instantly when the car flipped over a couple of times and landed on its side. Ed couldn’t remember much of what happened, but apparently Myles had thrown himself on top of Ed and protected him as much as he could. The fire department had gotten Ed out pretty fast, but when they’d gone back for Myles, the engine was on fire. The one thing that had been imprinted on Ed’s brain that day was the sight of Myles’s arm and hair alight, and the sound of his screams when the firefighter extinguished the flames.
“Is this your floor, man?”
Ed was jolted from his reverie by a gruff voice and he looked up at the scruffy teen holding the door open. “I’m sorry?” He had been so lost in his own thoughts he hadn’t even noticed the young man get on.
“Is this your floor?”
“Yes,” Ed said, quickly gathering his wits and stepping off the elevator. “Thanks. Must’ve been miles away.”
“I get that,” the teen replied soberly and gave Ed a nod when the elevator doors slid closed.
Ed hummed to himself as he strode down the hall, his sneakers squeaking on the highly buffed hospital floor. He waved at the nurse behind the desk and she smiled in return. Not that he recognized her, but they’d changed so often over the last three months it was a wonder he’d not gotten whiplash. His stomach fluttered a little as he neared Myles’s room. He shook his head slowly. Was it stupid that, even after all this time, the thought of seeing Myles gave him butterflies? Ed pushed open the door, his greeting already half way out of his mouth.
“Hey, ba—” The words stilled on his tongue.
The room was empty. The bed had been stripped.
Myles was gone.



6 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer: Finding Myles by Lisa Worrall

  1. I am in love with the premise and that excerpt’s already killing me. I’m so glad I’ve found out about this one, thank you!

  2. So much emotion and story content in just a few paragraphs, thank you for a chance of winning a copy. I do like the cheerful reads this time of year, but I also prefer the more angsty heartfelt reads that give you a sense of hope.

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