Cover Reveal: Ice by Chris Quinton and RJ Scott

With millions in diamonds at stake, can Jon make Greg see that some things are not worth dying for?

Footloose adventurer Greg Drakowski lives for the moment. Following one lead to the next, Greg crosses oceans at the very hint of treasure. This time his quarry is a cache of diamonds. When he finds himself in the ancient city of Salisbury, home to a thousand valuable artefacts, he’s like a kid in a sweetshop.

Renovations expert Jonathan Ellis inherited his company from his father and grandfather–three generations of knowledge and trade. Focused and hard-working, Jon finds value in recreating the elegance of the past with his own hands, and it will take something – or someone – extraordinary to break into his enclosed world.

When Greg drops into Jon’s lap and drags him along on a crazy treasure hunt, he finds it impossible to refuse him. Even when the bad guys appear and Jon isn’t sure whom he can trust, he knows he has to stand by Greg, if only to save the idiot from himself.

Coming May 2016

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This is a Salisbury story, it can be read as a standalone, but you may want to read Heat first to get a good idea of the sandbox that Chris and I are playing in 🙂

For more information on Heat, click here

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